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 Marriage Monday: Remember...Continue to Love
The flirting started in the basement of our friend’s house when Todd and I were seniors in high school. We enjoy arguing about who initiated said flirting. The story was that the initiator took a shoe from the foot of the other and threw it across the room. Well, I dug out this 40 years old picture this week. (Thanks to whichever friend happened to take it…back in the days when you actually had to have a camera and develop the photo!  ) While looking at this picture, it is pretty clear that Todd has both of his shoes still on and it looks to me like he’s taking mine. I’m not sure he has a defense any longer. Todd, you were flirting with me. (And yes, I’m glad you were.)

Dating can be a time when showing the other how much we love them comes a little easier. Generally, we are working hard to show that person the best of us. We figure out what they enjoy. We long to spend time with them. We go out of our way to cater to their needs. We come up with special ways to show our love.

And often times, we find ourselves years down the road, wondering why that person isn’t loving us the way they once did. You know, life begins to happen. Schedules fill up. Kids come along. Money is hard to come by. Health issues arise. And we begin to take the other for granted. We put them on the back burner. We prioritize work and kids above our spouse. We look around and wonder what happened to that flirting. What happened to the person who used to go out of their way to make us feel loved?

I’m here to say, you don’t have to let that happen in your marriage. Come on! Put the time, creativity, and energy into your marriage! Besides your relationship with Jesus, there should be nothing else that comes above the investment you put into the person next to you bed.

I am not saying it’s always easy. In fact, you may be at a place in your marriage where the thought of investing into your spouse gives you a headache. Well, take a deep breath. Make a commitment to begin today to show them how much you love and appreciate them. Once you make it a part of your daily life, it will get easier. Your actions will become part of who you are again. And more than likely, they will be reciprocated.

As Todd and I were talking about this topic, we both came up with some actions that make us feel loved by the other.

Todd feels especially loved by me when I:

*spend time working on a home or yard project with him

*watch a Todd choice movie with him

*attend an event with him that he knows I would rather not attend

*recognize his need to be alone and/or have a break from other people

I feel especially loved by Todd when he:

*spends time playing a game with me

*brings me a treat from the store without me requesting it

*finds a movie for us to watch that I know is much higher on my “like” list that his

*takes a walk around the yard with me

*shares with someone about something he is proud of me for accomplishing

As you can see by the examples, there isn’t financial cost attributed to these actions. They are simply actions created by tuning into the needs and desires of the person. Making the other a priority.

Take some time to invest in your marriage by going over the tips below with your spouse.

Intentional Tips for Strengthening your Marriage this Week:

*Ask your spouse to list three things that make him/her feel loved by you. If they didn’t read this article, give them a couple examples from above to help them get started.

*Look over that list and write on your calendar when you will carry out those actions. (Things that get put on your calendar have a much better chance of being completed. Remember, your spouse is your priority.)

*Carry out those actions.

*Continue carrying out those actions in the weeks ahead. See if you begin to notice a difference in your spouse and in your marriage.

Do you find Marriage Monday helpful? If so, I’d love to hear from you. Message me. Comment on the blog. And give a “thumbs up” and share. Thank you!

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