Granddaughter of Deer Acres brings Rock-A-Bye-Baby Home

Bringing her home Bringing her home
Rock-a-Bye-Baby, from Deer Acres, Pinconning, MI made the trip to her new home today. My Grandpa and Grandma, Ernie and Eleanore Cederberg, created Deer Acres, a beautiful Storybook Park, in 1958. Many of you visited the park when you were children, so you know what I'm talking about when I say it was a special place.
My memories of this place are endless, as are those of my aunts, uncles, cousins, and siblings. Even my children enjoyed Deer Acres when they were younger, before it closed it's doors in about 2012.
I can't explain all the stories I have today, but I will write up some blogs for future reading. For now, I wanted to just share with you that my Grandma carved all the pieces in the park...from styrofoam. Each winter they would be brought from the park into the basement of her home, so she could repaint them. Whether it was Jack and Jill who greeted you at the door, or the Old Woman in the Shoe, who had carvings of little children all around her, each one was created by Grandma.
Well, several of the figurines represented or were modeled after family members. Each of her children were one of the children scattered around the Old Woman scene. And well, Rock-a-Bye-Baby, was me. Yup. I was the oldest grandchild, and although many of the pieces were already created when I was born, she made the Rock-a-Bye-Baby after me. You can see the picture of her and I together under the "tree". I treasure that picture.
When I heard the current owner was selling the property, I started reaching out to the owner. We were struggling to connect. Unbeknownst to me, my wonderful sister, was also reaching out to the owner, to surprise me with seeing if she could get the baby for me. Thanks Mo. ? And last week, the connection was made. The owner had set aside the baby for me to bring home. When they carried her out to me today, a flood of emotions overwhelmed me. Memories. Grandma. Grandpa. My Aunt and Uncle who owned and operated the place after my grandparents. Childhood adventures. After park fun hours. Finding treasures in the Souvenir Shop. It just poured over me as the baby was placed in the vehicle. I am so thankful to have brought her home. She needs a little washing. Maybe a couple touch ups of paint. But she's perfect to me. And I don't think I have ever seen her up close. I always saw her up in the tree. So to see her sucking her thumb, just like I did...for way too many years...well, let's just say that blonde hair and that thumb sucking...that's me. And I'm so grateful to have this little lady at home tonight. Thank you Teresa for this gift. It means more than you know.
As you can see in the pictures, my parents went with me today. It was an emotional and fun adventure, as we walked the park. And we left with more than the baby. We also brought home Tom Sawyer, who was he will be perfect by our pond. And we brought home the Little Old Lady from the shoe. She will be perfect in my mom's flower garden. And I got a chair from the Three Bears house too. That was all we could fit in the vehicle. ?
If you would like to hear more about my Deer Acres adventures, please head to the link below the pictures and/or follow me on Facebook. I'm looking forward to writing more about blogs, and I even have a story about Deer Acres and Grandma in the devotion book I recently published. If you've been to Deer Acres, you know very well how special of a place it was. I'd love to hear your memories and /or how my grandparents, aunt and uncle, or the park fit into your life. Thanks! Have a wonderful day! 
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