Countdown to Christmas: Luke 1, Zechariah's Response, Mary's Response,

Countdown to Christmas: That One Gift

Day 1: Luke 1

I want you to picture yourself receiving very important GREAT news. I mean news so GREAT that you can’t even believe it’s coming out of the person’s mouth. You are amazed! Dumbfounded! Ecstatic!

And then you respond with, “How can I be sure of this?”

This is what Zechariah said to the angel who delivered the GREAT news to him. News that he was going to be a father after all these years! I think he was amazed. Dumbfounded. And even ecstatic. But he also was like…seriously? Do you know how old I am?

It actually seems like a pretty legit question to me. However, his response wasn’t taken very well. He found himself unable to speak until the baby arrived.

Then we have Mary. She also gets a visit by an angel. The same angel, in fact. The angel tells her she will have a baby. Wow! Crazy news, especially since she is a virgin. Miraculous news. I’m sure she too was amazed. Dumbfounded. And a whole lot more. And she said, “How will this be, since I am a virgin?” Again, I’d say a pretty legit question.

The angel goes on to explain more details to Mary, and then Mary sings praises to the Lord.

If we look at the two questions, they really aren’t very far off from one another, are they? And yet unlike Mary, the angel’s response to Zechariah was that he was made mute. This has me considering the heart of the those who were questioning the angel. If the words are similar, but one of them was considered offensive, I’m thinking there was some “tone” in Zechariah’s response that wasn’t quite right.

This causes me to consider how often my heart, my tone, is not properly lined up with God. I may respond to something someone said or did with a reaction that is offensive. Ungrateful. Unpraiseworthy.

It’s often not our words that are the problem. Perhaps it is our tone. And our tone reflects the condition of our heart. Something we might think we can hide, and yet, who can see our heart? The Lord. He always sees the heart.

As we go about our day, let us consider the condition of our hearts when we respond to the words and actions of others. Will we choose to respond in the tone of Zechariah? Or will we choose to respond in the tone of Mary? I choose Mary. How about you?

This is Day 1 of the Countdown to Christmas Luke Challenge. Join me and others as we read one chapter each day from the book of Luke. Then return here each day for a breakdown of one piece of the chapter. The entire book of Luke is filled with wonderful news, so it is a challenge to choose only one thing per day to touch on, but that’s what I will do. And I’d love to hear what part of the chapter impacted you most. Share in the comments, so we can all learn from one another. Did you read Chapter 1 of Luke yet today? There’s still time! Have a wonderful day, Friends!

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