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I remember, at 18 years old, walking into Meijer with my boyfriend, and swearing I could hear our hearts beating out of our chests, as we walked hand in hand to the aisle with the pregnancy tests. I remember the next morning, before the sun was up, before any of his roommates awoke, taking the pregnancy test in his dorm room. And I remember the panic we felt, as we watched the pregnancy test turn to positive.

My world shifted that day. All the future plans that I had made for my life, suddenly felt as if they were snatched out of my tightly held grip. I was lost. 

My story comes upon me more vividly this week, as it holds the great celebration of the birthday of my oldest son. The memories of placing my hands on my tummy and saying, “Don’t you worry little one. We’re going to be alright,” come flashing to the forefront of my mind. Although the words seem confident, they were spoken simultaneously, with these words crying from soul, “Lord, what am I going to do? What is next?” 

Even in the midst of what I saw as an unknown plan for the future of myself and my baby, I also knew I served a faithful God. I knew there were to be difficult conversations with parents ahead. Painful decisions to be made regarding my relationship with my boyfriend, and challenges as to how I would proceed with my education.  I also knew, however, that I served a faithful God. A God who would forgive me, who would love me. One who would pick me up right where I was, in that painful and confused state. And I knew He would hold me. Comfort me. And give me the direction and strength I needed to move forward. 

I’m not sure what situation you find yourself in today, but I want to remind you, that the same faithful God who walked with me, is available to walk with you. We serve a God who is in the midst of your situation. Who has a desire to hold you when you need it, comforting you in your pain. Who forgives you, if your situation involves mistakes you were responsible for. Who will not desert you, but will instead walk with you, directing your next steps of the journey. No one cares more about you or your situation than the God who created you and loves you. He is faithful and He will not leave your side. Will you choose to trust Him today with your situation? 

For the word of the Lord is right and true; he is faithful in all he does. Psalm 33:4

God is faithful, who has called you into fellowship with his Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. 1 Corinthians 1:9

Written by: Misty Cramer. Misty and her husband Todd have been married for 38 years, and have five sons, the oldest of course, is the baby from the story above.  With a busy household of seven, God continued his faithfulness. He provided during the ups and downs faced when being married and pregnant at 18 years old. And He also faithfully provided opportunities for Todd and Misty to later enter into full-time ministry. They currently have been serving in youth, family, and marriage ministry for over 25 years. Their story can be heard in part on the following podcast, “Divorce Ain’t Happening”:

Misty is available to speak at your next ladies event, and her and Todd would find it a privilege to speak at your next marriage retreat. For more information on booking, you may head to You will also find Misty on Facebook: Misty Cramer, Author & Speaker and on Instagram @mistydawncramer. 


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