One of the best gifts my husband can give me

One of the best gifts my husband can give me is to give me his undivided attention, and listen to me. To acknowledge me when I walk into the room. Turn off the tv. Close the computer. Set down the phone. Smile. And listen. In the photo, you will see our son Zach giving that gift to his niece, Layla. Setting aside the hecticness of the day. Shutting the noise out. Getting down on the floor. Making eye contact. And listening. It's a gift that has been overlooked. Our lives move swiftly and loudly, and we skip those opportunities to sit and listen. We message instead of talk. We receive our updates on Facebook instead of conversations. And we are missing out because of it. There are people who are aching to be heard. To have someone sit with them. To have someone make eye contact with them. To have someone value time with them more than value the time on phones, watching videos, working, the list goes on. See the person in the break room at work sitting alone; she needs an ear to listen about the struggle she's going through at home. See the person behind the counter at the grocery store; he needs someone to take the time to hear about how proud he is of his daughter. See the family member in the corner at the gathering; she needs someone to listen to her share about why she doesn't feel she fits into the family. Let's take some time today to set our phones down, look around the room, and see who God would have us include in a conversation. Then just enjoy listening. I think we will find that while we give the gift of our listening, we, as the "giver" will be blessed too.
Misty Cramer (c) 2021
Misty Cramer is an author, speaker, and founder of Imagine 320, a space created to encourage and equip women in their pursuit to live the life God has envisioned for them. Follow Misty on Instagram @mistydawncramer and on Facebook at Misty Cramer, Author & Speaker.
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