Frogs. They may seem like an insignificant little amphibian to most of us, but as a mom of five sons, I can assure you that in the Cramer household, frogs have always been anything but insignificant. As children, my boys couldn’t go for a walk without keeping an eye out for the little critters. And to this day, even as grown young men, if they are blessed enough to see a tree-frog with it’s sticky little feet planted against our living room window, the adrenaline is rushing and the boys are gathering around to get a closer look at the intriguing little green creature.

On one particularly warm spring day, our son Zachary decided to go on a walk with Grandpa and myself. With it being Michigan, we were all well aware that this warm weather did not represent what it was the day before, and it certainly wasn’t a forecast of what was to come the following day so it was decided that we would seize the moment and head out on our journey, making our way down our country road with the warmth of the sunshine hitting our backs.


It didn’t take Zachary long to realize that we weren’t the only ones who were coming out to enjoy the exceptionally warm day. As we walked, he was excited to see so many frogs hopping out of their homes to enjoy the sun warmed ashalt. However, Zachary’s excitement quickly turned to horror as he realized these frogs were becoming trapped. And my Dad and I realized our walk was going to turn into a rescue mission as Zachary quickly went into “frog catching mode”.


You see, as the temperature began to drop, and with the sun starting to set, these once lively frogs, were not moving well on the cooling road. The creatures that normally would leap high and jump a distance that would challenge the best of us on a standing jump, now looked like they were in slow motion as they attempted to jump across the road. In fact, most of them were finding themselves paralyzed on the now cold asphalt, before they could make it back to their home in the ditch bank. And let’s just say that when an oncoming car and a frog meet on the road, the frog does not win. If Zachary had anything to do with it, these frogs would be saved from their dreadful predicament.


So, as we walked, I began to point out the frogs. “There’s one on that side. Oh, there’s one here by my foot. Watch out Grandpa, don’t step on that one in front of you.” Zachary ran from side to side, grabbing the unsuspecting frogs, and with a smile covering his face, he would carry it off the road and put it in ditch where it would be safe. This frog saving adventure went on for close to a mile with him running as quickly as he could from one frog to another, attempting to save as many as he could before a car would drive past. Thankfully we live on a very quiet road.


Some may have watched my son as he attempted to save as many frogs as he could, and shake their heads at the futility of this undertaking. After all, he was hardly making a dent in the frog population so why even try to save any of them? Others may say that the frogs should be left to fend for themselves. After all, they did get themselves into this predicament.


Yet, if those people were to ask Zachary, he would be quick to let them know the truth. He would say that even if there are lots of frogs, he thinks every frog matters, and that it would be sad to let even one of the die. He would then probably ask, “Haven’t you ever done anything dumb?” and continue to share that just because the frogs did something dumb, that it isn’t a reason to let them get squished by a car.


Grace isn’t deserved. Second chances aren’t always earned. Yet, there isn’t one of us who lives a life without a blemish (or many of blemishe for that matter). And yet we serve a God who is willing to chase us down whatever road we are traveling, scoop us up in His hands, and rescue us from the death that would certainly be waiting for us if it were not for His rescue mission.


You probably won’t find me on the road saving frogs (I will leave that to Zachary), but I am thankful that I serve a God who believes I’m worth saving. I’m thankful that even in the midst of my “dumb decisions”, I’m never too far gone for Him to reach. I praise Him because although I am only a small part of this big world, He loves ME and I matter to Him! And I hope you join me in praising Him as you come to know that you are worth saving too. That you are never to far from His reach either. And that although you may think you are only one small part in this big world, to Him, you are worth being saved. YOU are loved and you matter to Him!


And that’s what this website and ministry is about, helping people, like yourself, to believe that you are loved. That you are important. That your marriage matters. Their family matters. Your feelings matter. The issues you are struggling with…matter. The dreams you have…matter. It’s that simple, and at the same time it’s that complex; every aspect of who you are, matters. I hope that through the blogs, videos, and words of encouragement on this site that you are able to see and feel the powerful love of our Savior, Jesus.


John 15:13 (ESV)


13 Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.


Misty Cramer

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