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My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me. I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one will snatch them out of my hand.

John 10:27-28

At nine months pregnant, my mind and body reached its limit after the long day. My husband looked at me knowingly; I had hit the wall. Exhaustion overtaking me,

I settled into my recliner with a scoop of ice cream. I had eagerly waited for that ice cream all day. With the younger two children tucked into bed, I thought my mom duties were done for the night. I released a deep exhale and began to relax.

I yelled out to our two oldest boys, “Good night, guys! Love you! See you in the morning!” They were headed toward the steps to make their way to their rooms.

My fifteen-year-old’s voice echoed from the staircase, “Mom! Aren’t you coming down to tuck us in?”

“Come on, Mom!” shouted the ten-year-old.

My body tensed. My face grimaced. My mouth began to form the words, “not tonight, boys.” After all, it had been a long day. I had just gotten comfortable or as comfortable as a woman who is nine months pregnant could possibly get. I had also tucked those boys in every night for the last ten and fifteen years. Surely a night without me wouldn’t do permanent damage.

However, before the words “not tonight, boys” could escape my mouth, I wiggled my way to the edge of the chair. Hoisting my body out of it, I waddled down the steps.

There are those times in our lives when circumstances pop up that are a bit inconvenient. In truth, those types of things happen daily. Yet, I hope after a quick evaluation of those circumstances, we are able to discern which items may be inconvenient but are also worth the investment versus the items that are inconvenient and can be put on a back burner.

For a brief moment, my exhaustion took priority over my sons’ needs. No, my sons’ lives would not be signifi- cantly altered if I did not tuck them in that night. Yes, my sons could learn that sometimes Mom could say no. However, I felt that nudge. You know the nudge I mean. It’s that little push from God that gives us that boost we need to “get out of the chair.” Tonight would not be the night I would say “no.” After all, if my sons, who were ten and fifteen years old, were still asking for their mom to tuck them in, I most certainly would not turn down that opportunity.

By paying attention to the “nudge” God gave me that night, I was able to experience time with my sons that was more than worth the trip down the stairs. I was able to bless them with a mom who went the extra mile.

God has the ability to give us those “nudges” throughout the day. Often times, we are so consumed with the daily tasks around us, we brush off the “nudges.” We convince ourselves they surely could be put off another day. Yet, very often the nudges from God are timely. Only He knows the exact moment when our friend is in need of a phone call. Only He is in tune with the financial needs of the neighbor who needs some grocery money. Only He knows the moment the young mom is feeling too overwhelmed to climb out of bed. With that said, the timing of His nudges is of utmost importance. They aren’t intended to be put off for another time. When He speaks to our hearts and minds, it is because He sees a need and has the desire to use us to fill the need. I just think that is so cool! We serve a God who wants to use us to complete His purposes!

I wonder what nudge God would like to give you today? He has something in mind for you to accomplish for Him. I hope you will commit to listening, watching, and obeying the nudge. The nudge will give you the boost you need to “get out of the chair” and accomplish something that may seem inconvenient yet is very significant.

What nudge is God giving you today and will you take action to obey it?

Heavenly Father, I thank you for the nudges you provide. I often get caught up in the routines of the day and forget to listen. I forget to pay attention to the needs of your people. Would you please open my heart today? Would you allow me to hear and to feel the nudges you give me? I thank you for turning “inconveniences” into blessings. Amen.

Misty Cramer © 2023

This devotion was taken from Misty's upcoming book, The Every Day God . This book is anticipated to be released by Fall 2023. To receive more of Misty's Devotions,, directly to your inbox, you may sign up here: https://mailchi.mp/1dc873f371e0/13le8jlrbq . Misty is an author, speaker, and mentor. She would find it a privledge to get to know you and to see if she can be of service at your next event. 


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