Wednesday’s Word: BUILD

Each Wednesday morning, it could get a little crazy around our house, as I would get my little ones around for the day and head to my weekly lifeline, Morning Glory. Morning Glory was a group of ladies from my church, who quickly became my best friends in the world. Anyone who has young children, knows it can be a time of life that can be so treasured, so beautiful, and also, let’s be honest…so life-sucking, so exhausting. Since our five sons have a fifteen-year age spread from youngest to oldest, I was in this young mom’s group for many years. Over the years, some of the faces changed. The name of the group changed. But the purpose and the need it fulfilled for young moms always remained the same. 

In this group we would BUILD relationships. We would BUILD relationships with one another. BUILD relationships with one another’s children. BUILD relationship with Jesus. And, we would watch as our children would BUILD relationships with each other. Years later we would attend their weddings, often times seeing them standing up in each other’s weddings, twenty plus years after their mommies took them to Morning Glory. 

The value of Morning Glory, and groups like it, are unending. God created us to be in relationship with Him, as well as with others. He created us to BUILD one another up. To encourage one another. To share in the burdens. To share in the joys. To pray together. To cry together. To laugh together. To share in the milestones. To do life together. 

I wonder today, if you have people who BUILD you up? Do you have friendships, prayer partners, weekly groups who have your back? Who you can contact at any hour of the day? If not, take the time today to pray and listen to who God may bring to your mind to begin some relationship BUILDing. And if you do, give thanks for such a group. Their value is precious, and certainly a gift from our Heavenly Father. 

I hope you are encouraged by the scriptures (NIV) below, where God reminds us of the importance of encouraging one another through our words. And it would be an encouragement and BUILD readers up, if you would share some of your experiences or ideas regarding this topic, in the comments. We’d love to hear about them! 

Romans 15:2 Each of us should please our neighbors for their good, to BUILD them up.

I Thessalonians 5:11 Therefore encourage one another and BUILD each other up, just as in fact you are doing.

Ephesians 4:29 Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for BUILDing others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen. 

Misty Cramer is an author and speaker who enjoys walking alongside others in this journey we call life. Her deisre is to encourage others, as she shares the hope Jesus provides in the midst of life's darkest challenges, as well as it's brightest triumphs. If you would like to receive “Wednesday’s Word”, as well as other encouragement, you can subscribe to her website, https://mailchi.mp/7844a4ba7f8b/welcome and follow her on Instagram @mistydawncramer and Facebook, Misty Cramer, Author & Speaker. She would love to connect with you!  

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