It was a beautiful evening. The sky was blue. The clouds were fluffy. The breeze was light. And one of the best parts was that my boys were peacefully playing outside. So I thought this would be a great time for me to take some time with my husband; we could walk around our yard and enjoy the peace and the beauty of the evening.


As my husband and I walked hand in hand around the yard, we began to talk about the various things that happened that day. It felt good to have some “adult” conversation for a bit. To smile and laugh and share with someone I love. But this was short lived. Soon my youngest spotted us and zoomed up behind us ripping our hands apart and placing himself between us, taking each of us by the hand.


“I’ll go for a walk too,” he stated as he showed us his big smile.

 My husband and I also smiled and continued our walk with our little one between us. Not two minutes later, our next youngest came running up with his smiling face.
 “Hey, I want to walk too!” And he grabbed my hand and began jumping his way around the yard with us. The four of us, hand in hand, began talking about the trees, the grass, and any other silly stuff that a mom, dad, and their four and five year old children talk about.

My four year old suddenly stopped us and said, “Hey, we should lay down right here and look up in the sky!” And he got down on the ground and stared up in the sky. Well, how could we say no. I surveyed the grass noticing it seemed pretty picky and it had little ant hills all around it, but I guess there wasn’t time to think about that! My son began pulling the rest of us to the ground. As we got settled, a third son noticed from the basketball court that maybe he was missing out on something; he dropped the ball and ran over to us, laying beside Daddy and staring up in the sky.

 As we all laid in the grass staring up in the sky with each child blurting out their different questions about the clouds, I realized that my peaceful walk with my husband had just turned into a family affair. Not exactly what I had planned. However, it was just as wonderful.

I thought about what an honor it was to have my children each come running up and take our hands, desiring to spend time with us. Excited to share their ideas with us.

 This made me think of how much our Heavenly Father must enjoy it when we take time to enjoy His company. When we drop whatever it is we are doing and come running to Him, desiring to spend time with Him. Excited to share our ideas with Him.
It truly is an honor to be a mom and have children who stop their play time to come and spend time with me. And it sure is an honor to have a Father in Heaven who is always there for me to do the same.

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