As I sit in the warmth of my home today, enjoying the seventh snow day in two weeks for our area students, I came across this wintery column I wrote in 2007 for the Bay City Times. I'm choosing to reprint this one for the first blog in my Flashback Friday Series. I hope you enjoy this flashback into our lives and the lesson that God gave me through one of our snow storms eleven years ago.

I have to admit I’m not a real big fan of winter. Oh, I do love to see the beautiful snowflakes gently fall to the hardened ground. I enjoy watching the boys play outside. And I realize that many people look forward to snowmobiling, ice fishing, and even skiing. But, I guess I’d rather play outside when it’s sunny and seventy than when it’s sunny and seven. However, living in Michigan, we have the blessing of having a variety of weather conditions, and God continues to teach me to find some good in each season.


A few cold and blustery Sundays ago, we were going to change things up a bit by setting aside our traditional Sunday meal of eggs and bacon in the company of Grandma, Grandpa, and Great Aunt Julia. Instead we all had plans to head out after church to a benefit breakfast.


After the usual 15 minute round up of the boys after church, we all bundled up and ran to the van with our heads buried in our hoods, scarves, and anything else we could find to keep the wind off us. As with most days lately, the wind was combined with bitter cold temperatures and we were glad to make it to the shelter of the van. After a few “hurry ups!” and perhaps a couple shoves through the van doors, we were all in, buckled up, and ready to head out to fill our stomachs.


However, what started out as a trip in the cold with some snow covered roads, turned into a drive through a blizzard, as the wind began to combine with some freshly falling snow. Soon our ten mile ride to dinner turned into a journey through a storm.


As my husband drove, I sat on the edge of my seat trying to see through the snow ahead.


A sigh of relief would come each time we were able catch a glimpse of the center line or the white line running along the edge of the road; it reassured us that we were indeed on the right path. These glimpses were like little lifesavers, rays of hope in the middle of the unknown. And we were looking closely for any trace of them along our path.



As with many parts of my life, God was able to use this Sunday drive to teach me of the similarity between my life and this blizzard. I sometimes get so caught up in the things going on around me that I can’t see clearly. Sometimes, it may be the hecticness of my family schedule that clouds my vision. Or I may get caught up in the pain that a friend is going through, or perhaps I get caught up in financial difficulties. I could get caught up in relationships that need healing, or maybe some health problems. Regardless of the problem, getting tangled up in each of those things can create a blizzard in my life. I may open my eyes to see, and find that the only thing I see are difficulties or struggles in my own life, or in the lives of those I love. I close my eyes, squeeze them tightly shut, and hope that when I open them the second time things will have improved. But when I open them the second and third time, those areas of my life are still making it difficult for me to navigate my life the way I should.


That’s when I need a wake up call. That’s when I need to be looking for those lines along the roadway. And that line along the roadway of life is our Savior.


Perhaps you’re traveling in one of life’s storms today. Maybe financial struggles are suffocating you. Or maybe your marriage seems to be unraveling. Or you could be dealing with the loss of a loved one. Or possibly you just don’t have the energy to keep up physically and emotionally with all the things tugging at you.


I was reminded in that blizzard that just as the lines on the road were there to guide us and keep us going the right direction; our Savior provides those same lines. Just when you think you may not catch a glimpse of another line in the middle of your storm, you can be reminded that the lines never disappear. Never. They remain there regardless of the weather conditions. And our Savior remains strong, remains constant, and remains capable of directing our lives even through the worst of storms.


If you’re in a storm today, I pray that you will reach out into that blizzard and grab the hand of the One who loves you so much. Let Him lead the way through this storm. Watch His every turn. Follow Him closely. And if you lose sight of Him, be reminded that He didn’t go anywhere. Reach out again, take His hand, and ask Him to carry you through this one. Because sometimes life’s storms are just too much to walk through on our own.


May God bless you today as you seek His direction and comfort in the midst of life’s journeys.


Written by: Misty Cramer


Reprinted with permission from the Bay City Times

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