She is tiny. And delicate. Her fragile glass body would smash into a thousand pieces if anyone was to drop her. And to the typical person, this little trinket lady would be fairly worthless. They may see just an ordinary glass trinket. They may not see any value at all in her. They may even go so far as to say that she is an old, useless, dust collector. And yet to me, she is far more than that.

To me, her value doesn't come from the fact that she's "just" a little trinket lady. To me, her value comes from, and always will come from the truth of who she has belonged to.


My mom and I had a wonderful day of visiting recently, and in the course of our visiting, she brought out this little lady, and she gave it to me. My mom went on to explain that this little lady was one of many trinkets that she remembers adorning the home of her grandma. So to me, this little lady is more than a trinket. She is something that is special to me because more than 70 years ago, as a child, my mom would visit her grandma and see this little decoration. She is something special because she belonged to my great-grandma, my grandma, my mom, and will now sit on a shelf where my grandchildren will see her. To me, her value comes from, and always will come from the truth of who she has belonged to.


Often times I think we look at ourselves much like a typical person might look at my little little lady. We view ourselves as fairly worthless. We may view ourselves as ordinary. We may even view ourselves as being nothing more than an old, useless, person who has little to no value.


I'm here to tell you that those thoughts are far, very far, from the truth. In fact, it makes me angry to think that anyone has been convinced that they are a worthless, ordinary, useless, valueless person. You see, the truth is, that just like my little trinket, your value is found in WHO YOU BELONG TO. And you belong to the One True Living God. He is your Creator. He made you, yes you, unique in every way. He is your Savior. He died on the cross and rose from the dead for you. Why? Because you are HIS and He loved you enough to do that for you, so you can have a full life on this earth and someday live in heaven with Him. When He looks at you, the words "worthless", "ordinary", "useless", "no value", NEVER come to His mind. Instead, words such as WORTHY. EXTRAORDINARY. USEFUL. VALUABLE. all come to mind. You are all of these things and more because of WHO YOU BELONG TO. You are the son or daughter of the most high King (Romans 8:17). Do you get that? Do you see your value? Do you see that you are not "just" another trinket created to collect dust on a shelf? You are a worthy, extraordinary, useful, and valuable human. And why is that? Because to Him, your value comes from, and always will come from the truth of who you belong to.


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