Whispers of Grace Back Cover

Whispers of Grace

Whispers of Grace 

Compiled by Living Parables 

Misty Cramer is a contributing author to Whispers of Grace.  Within the pages of this anthology, you will be blessed through the encouraging stories, devotions, poems, and prayers that have been written by a group of Christian women who seek to show the love of Jesus through their writing . 




Can you hear it? Life often gets in the way of us hearing it - the roar of doubt, fear and despair drown out the still small voice. But if we tune our ear to hear, it is there. Whispers of grace come to us when we lend our ear to the movements of God in our struggles, in our everyday lives , and in our hearts. May these storeis, prayers and poems creae in you a desire to listen for the whispers of grace in your own life. 

SpeakUp conference

The SpeakUp conference equips emerging Christian speakers and writers to create global ministry impact through spreading the gospel message. Contributors to this book attended the 2020 virtual conference where they were taught how to communicate God's truth with the excellence He deserves. EABooks Publishing, a division of Living Parables of Central Florida (a 501c3), was honored to work with these contributors and to publish this wonderful collection. 

Living Parables of Central Florida

Living Parables of Central Florida, Inc, of which EABooksPublishing is a division, offers publishing contests at Christian conferences to provide opportunities for unpub lished authors to be discovered and earn publishing credits. We publish high quality, self0-publsihed boooks that bring glory and honor to God's Kingdom. 


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